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Hey Bret, be assertive and find out why Cliff Tucker has become a paper tiger. You tooted his horn all preseason and he seemed to make plays during two-a-days according to your reports. What gives?

Inquiring fans (and a few El Pasoans) want to know if adding Tucker was a PR move or is he going to help this team? UTEP isn't exactly breaking scoring records this season. Man up Bloomy and let us know.


What about Jordan Leslie? Everyone said he would be the next star but he doesn't get a pass

Miner Fan

I like Mike Price, he's a good PR man for the community, but he hasn't brought in any recruit that is a blue-chip or in the top 100 football players. Bottom line in football you better win, with the injury to QB Lamaison, the miners might not beat the aggies. I predict the miners might go with 2-9 after Lamaison gets back, the miners might win one game.

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Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one


UAB has a btteer SOS and a btteer record than the Miners that is why they are ranked higher. The home loss for UAB does hurt them but they also have a few good wins like Cincinatti, Georgia, Butler, and Arkansas (away). If the Miners win this week there is no way they are not in the top 25. They will be 17-5 with wins at OU, Memphis, and UAB and quality home wins over Tulsa and Houston. Every other game at home before this week have been pushovers other than BYU. The miners should be 19-3 since the NMSU and Ole Miss games should have been easy wins. Can we please get 11,000 people at the Don this week. El Paso is 600,000+ we only need around 2% to show.

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