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Paydirt Pedro

Glad to see UTEP winning those recruiting battles with those big time programs. UNM is coming off an epic failure 1-11 season and ranked by many places as the worst program in the country!!! The Mike Price name really carries a lot of weight apparently!!! You do realize that the last time this guy was relevant the kids he's recruiting now were like 8 or so. Keep up the great work Coach Price!!! 2-10 here we come and I can't wait!!! Miner Orange Pride til the casket drops!!!


Hahahaha... with the second to worst football program in D1, why would anyone go to New Mexico? Sounds like a dumb kid UTEP shouldn't have anyways.




Interesting that a team as bad as the Lobos has a recruiting class better than the Miners.


It's like Coach Stull said in a recent interview. When you have a 6-6 record, it's hard to remember that 15 years ago, the Miners couldn't string 6 wins in 6 seasons. So Coach Price hasn't turned the program into a national powerhouse....at least we're WINNING!!!

Ingrates, all of you!!

Bill Bransford

Who knows what goes on in the mind of a 17 year old who has been treated like a god most of his young life. UNM recruiters offered something that is important to this young man and he bit.

cruces miner

Paydirt Pedro's attitude is a large part of why UTEP can't get over the hump. If a kid swallows the bait from a UNM coach with one year, at most, left before getting fired, he has been promised something that's not there. If he is that easily swayed, UTEP doesn't need him.

Paydirt Pedro

J, what have we won? No bowl wins, no division titles, no conference championships? So really what have we won after those first two 8 win seasons? Cruces Miner, my attitude? Maybe it's the attitude like yours and other fans who are happy with 5 and 6 win seasons that doesn't get us over the hump?


He probably got offered some playing time. This is very important for most all incoming freshmen. He would probably not be a starter with the Miners. UNM most likely got a good recruiting class because the recruits know they have a great chance at starting with the disgraceful LOBOS. C-Ya kid!

George in H Town

There in lies the problem. Stull a 6 and 6 record is not a winning season. Remember, Price's winning years came with someone else's recruits. Can him Stull.

FSU '73

I remember an Autumn 1978 night attending a UTEP - San Diego State (WAC) football game. IT was raining and UTEP was winless, one of the weakest teams in the country. The Sun Bowl was half empty, the game was nip and tuck all the way through. Then, SDSU had a bad snap to the punter at their 6 yard line roll into their end zone. One of UTEP's players landed on it and the UTEP (I think it was 15 games) losing streak came to an end. You would have thought UTEP had won the National Title. Many of you have totally lost your perspective - - El Paso is not the National Football Recruiting Center of the country. UTEP has limited Exposure, Finances, Facilites, Attractive qualities to bring in the top recruits. It truly is a place where a Coach has to work his butt off with the limited talent that is made available to him. Coach Price is a quality Coach with incredible challenges facing him. Remember, you could be a Marshall Team whose whole program goes down in a plane crash. Instead of crying about New Mexico, you should be doing everything to help Coach Price have a chance to be successful - - SHAME ON YOU!!!

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