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Frustrated fan

0 for 2 previously recruited q-backs

0 for 2 on developing current q-backs

0 for 4 yrs on developing Trevor "Oh! DON'T THROW" Vitohoe

0 for 4 yrs on creating effective offense around your own recruits, failure to optimize their talents

4 for 4 on protecting family fortunes, staffing futures

I predict 0 for 2 on wasted JUCO q-back signees who will be driven like rented mules in a failed attempt to prove the staff was right in signing them.

more seasons of continued missed opportunities because of offensive and defensive coaching failures

the difference between a 4.1 40 & 4.6 40 player is his ability to cover bigger mistakes in coaching player placement. maybe we need some 2.75 40 guys

Remember...these kids were all winners before they got here


Ouch Frustrated fan! Most of that stuff is very, very true.


Aww, poor sourgrapes fan is unhappy.
Maybe if we try and get a Coach we can't pay for....

Go to the games, buy the tickets. Make it so we have 10k at the Don and 45k at the Sun Bowl. After 3-5 years and once UTEP can pay for the badly needed upgrades they still haven't finished doing, UTEP can put away some $$ for a new coach. Oh yeah, I forgot, how much money has CMP brought in from those 3 bowl games?

Get a clue.


Well your handle sure fits you. Suck it up! Like the old man said in the Godfather, "act like a man"!These kids are forever winners in my mind. They chose our University and the ones that finish their degrees? Well that's something no one! I mean no one ! Can take away! So to you I say, quit your whining and support the University athletics! These guy's go out every day to represent us, the community. Show some class and get behind them, you might be surprised at the results! As for you new recruits, welcome and know that we are glad you came and are proud to know ya!As for you "naysayers"! No Fair Weather Fans Needed! Go Orange! Go Miners!


UTEP in Vittatoe and YES even Jordan Palmer has had the best quarterbacks in all time History of UTEP football in the past decade, not to mention a lost name called Rocky Perez. Right now UTEP is "at a loss of QB's" So anyone who wants to compete is welcome. With what Mike Price has done UTEP has a chance to compete every year. Maybe UTEP "fans" should stop looking at wins and loses and look at what WE are accomplishing!!!

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