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A 4-8, 5-7, 6-6, and 6-7 season is still pathetic! I'm sick of the mediocrity that many in El Chuco continue to settle for. "Oh, remember back in the day jUtepia would only win 1 or 2 games...blah, blah, blah, and look at jNMSU, blah, blah, blah..." Stop living in the past and start demanding better from this football program! Start demanding consistency! Start demanding discipline! Start demanding production! Start demanding conference championships! Start demanding bowl game wins! "Coach Cupcake is a fun loving guy, easy going, everybody likes him, blah, blah, blah..." Have a beer with him at Jaguars then! I want a coach that kicks his players a/s/s/e/s when they screw up! Coach Baboso is the Wade Phillips of college football. This tonto has to go!



Don't be ridiculous! El Paso High School football is a joke and certainly not competitive on a national level. While there are a few rare exceptions, the local areas demographic just doesn't have the talent. Maybe the influx of Army families will actually improve the football talents....it sure can't hurt.

Texas is huge high school football state, however the talent diminishes as you move west, kinda like the trees. For someone to even make a statement like "...El Paso high school football is rapidly improving..." indicates he either doesn't know football or he's paid to lie to the yokels about how good HS football is around here.....

For UTEP to be better, they need to recruit in east Texas, Louisiana and California. That's a hard job, because getting kids (without extensive police records) from those places to come to El Paso is like selling ice to Eskimos.


You're not competing with only TCU and SMU in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Everyone recruits DFW because of the large pool of talent. It's wrong to state that TCU and SMU have the edge on recruiting DFW.


I agree that Utep has to outrecruit their competion, but this year was not about recruiting, it was poor coaching. I like Coach Price, however he did not do a very good job at all, even after having perhaps the easiest schedule in all of college football. I think many people here have just gotten accustomed to losing, that even seasons like this are seen as successful. Its not okay to lose, once in a while, okay, but not like Utep does year after year. Throughout the year if you followed this team you saw many consistent errors by the coaching staff, and this is a veteran group! They have to be held accountable, not patted on the back because of El Paso's pobrecito's mentality.


Fix that problem then whine about 6-7 records when you've had 30 years of 2-infinity.


We need to do what BYU just did and make some changes on our Offensive staff. The defense is improving but we still need better coaching at certain positions, namely the defensive line. So make a change there too.

Andy Springer

UTEP was outmanned by BYU. They were older, bigger and stronger. Vittatoe was not up to par and played very well throwing 3 touchdown passes. We were simply over matched. Injuries are a factor, but we can't use that as an excuse. Coaches play who they have, not who they don't have. The future looks good for UTEP next year. We could have won more games this year, but we didn't. We had 26 seniors. That means we have available scholarships to give. UTEP is a great place to go to school. I loved it. El Paso is not Houston or DFW for recruiting. There probably are not 10 players a year that are "BLUE CHIP" in El Paso. The Coaches are doing a good job out of State. Coach Price has recruited players from more different parts of Texas than I can remember. Support the program and quit gripeing.


In most places, a coaching staff like UTEP's would not get a second chance. The question to ask is, the coaching staff gettign everything out the current talent pool. The answer is no. if the AD does see that a coaching change is needed then, the administration has to look at the AD and see if a change must occur there.

No one is asking or expecting for UTEP to become a top ten team. However, there are plenty of examples where smaller schools have good success (Tulsa, Miami of Ohio, Hawaii, Boise State, TCU, Central Florida, SMU, etc.)

A football team should be an asset to the university. In UTEP's case it is not. and yes, it requires money, but it also requires that the team have some success. Maybe along with coaching, a mentality of losing has to be changed.

UTEP without j

Start demanding this start demanding that... How about the university do the same. Instead of 30000 why is it not 50000 at the game. Instead of $20 tickets why are they not $80. You get what you pay. Who in El Paso is going to pay the price for a better coach? Why dont you pitch in a few million jUTEP?

Tornado Parent

I don't know why if UTEP recruits CA why it doesn't play in CA? Why isn't UTEP scheduling SDSU, SJSU, UCLA, Cal or even UC Davis, Cal Poly and Sac State? To get better CA players, you have to expose them to UTEP. And if their parents know they can see their kid play in CA at least once a year, they would probably be amenable to them coming to TX.

Guy Fawkes

The offensive coordinator needs to go. The defense held the line in almost every game but when the offense goes three and out on every drive, the defense (for any team in the nation) will start to falter. There are three good RBs on that team and they were lucky they got to run this season. Joe Banyard had 150+ yards against Tulsa and you don't run him or the other two against BYU? Is the OC stoned or something?

UTEP should have been 10-2 with their easy schedule. Now, next year, with no QB (probably) and the rough part of the C-USA East schedule, UTEP will get slaughtered.

Price needs to make some coaching staff changes on both sides of the ball before the spring. The safeties and the corners consistently got burned throughout the season. The defense coordinator seems to have the right idea but there do need to be some changes. The Mike Price offense didn't work this season because they got away from what works. So what that Donald Buckrum was hurt for much of this season, he had two good back ups and two more decent backups waiting to break out but it seems like the OC refused to use them. When UTEP had a balanced offense, they produced good numbers and wins. When all they did was throw the ball, Adams was 50/50 because heaven forbid that they throw to anyone else.

I feel bad for next year's team because there's a good chunk of talent on that team and they'll be stuck with the same routine. If Mike Price had a couple of better coaches around him, we wouldn't be having the "fire Price" conversation at all.

Good luck next year, UTEP. You're going to need it with that terrible play caller sitting behind you.


I like Price and do not want him fired. But I do want him to either retire or take another job within the athletic department or with a booster organization. He would be a great fund raiser. Seven years is more than enough time to establish his system, recruit his own players and produce a good product, if he is ever going to produce one. I mean a really good one that can win fairly consistently. He has not done that. He is by all accounts a great guy and he needs to do the right thing and retire or ask for a differnt job at UTEP.

I understand it's not easy to recruit to UTEP. I doubt that it's easy to recruit to Hattiesburg, MS or Greenville, NC or numerous other places that have tons of bcs schools to compete with and yet USM and ECU and other schools seem to have teams that compete better and more consistently. Time for a coaching change and time to stop with the excuses. If 7 years is not enough, what is? 15 years? 20? How long should we wait? And if it's true that UTEP can't bring in the athletes that the competition has, maybe it's time to try a different type of system. Army, Navy and AFA seem to be competing well with lessor talent. Do something UTEP. Shake things up a bit. Fan interest next season in likely going to be even less than this year. 29k attendance avg isn't going to cut it.

Daddy Mac

Attendance at last Saturday's bowl game in ABQ once again underscores the fact that if UTEP will put a competitive product on the field, fans will support it. I drove 13 hours roundtrip from Midland, TX to do just that.

MinerinWisconsin speaks my mind: I doubt we can championships without running the ball. It's time to reevaluate the West Coast offense and seriously consider going to the Nevada "Pistol," or the multiple sets used by Navy, Air Force, Georgia Tech and Army.

Thanks to Coach Price mortgaging the future to stick with a banged-up, senior QB who did not improve from his sophomore year, we are bereft of experience in that key position. For that very reason alone, maybe this is the absolute best time to switch the offense.


Excellent point Daddy Mac. Fresh QB against quite a few C-USA East teams spells disaster in 2011.


Guy's have got to make plays! Hell we kicked a 52 yard field goal, thought that would spark some momentum. No way the MINERS should have gone into half time of the BYU game without scoring. No excuse for dropping that pass!Would have been a huge momentum changer. It was the right call and coach did everything but throw and catch his own pass! Were getting good athletes and we could use a few more Marlone Mclure's. I'm glad coach is coming back, just want these guy's to play with intensity! On every play! Work on conditioning! I'm not so sure next year will be a rebuilding year. See you next year guy's! Get prepared! We will have our ORANGE ON! No Fair Weather Fans Needed! GO MINERS!


All I want for Christmas is a better Miner football team. I prayed all season that these guys would just take off and start winning games and not give up so easy. Every time I saw coach Price on the sideline he was content with the soon to be loss. I have had it! If he stays he needs to be pissed every second of every game and maybe the team can play with anger and pull off late wins or even blow outs wins. Let's hope that we can bring in 30+ kids and they can make our future fun to be Miners!

Javier Barrón

Unless I have missed it, there haven't been any comments from college-level coaches so far. Or, for that matter, have any comments come from anybody with any football coaching experience? I didn't think so. We all have to admit that as fans we really don't know a whole lot related to coaching division 1 college football. There's my caveat. However, the people that hire and fire the UTEP coaching staff should know something about developing a sustainable winning program. Firing this coach begs a question: who do you get now? Coach Price is a bargain that comes with quality. We're not going to do much better. Fact-of-UTEP-football-life. I accept that. Tim Floyd is basically in the same category. El Paso lucked out with these two wayward guys that blessed us with some respectable coaching at an El Paso price. Let's focus on the athletic department. The university president should look at the leadership there and raise the heat. Change the environment, or whatever. It truly starts there. As for my fellow commentator that naively gave kudos to the defense and accolades to defense- wrong. The offense scored enough points in enough games to make this a winning situation. If, the defense could of held inferior opponents to 20 points, we would have more in the "W" column. Period. Look at the games. The one thing that lacked over and over was the desire to tackle the opponent and create fear in the other guy. Nobody fears, nor respects, the UTEP defense. They at least pay attention to what the offense has the potential to do. There is enough talent in the orange to make a winner. Turn up the heat at the top. Let's smell a little smoke. See whats left in the ashes.


It's truly funny to here 95 percent of people writing their comments on these boards just bang on utep when they don't know anything about about football but just the fact that they played football back in the day in highschool and now they know it all. Just shows the ignorance most people have when it comes to sports. Be around sports and be in the lockeroom before yall make these assumptions...

John C

Winning begets winning even with a low athletic budget. The basketball program is an example. UTEP in basketball has been defined due to Haskins and even the sucess the Miners basketball program has had since Haskins passing.

Now that we have Floyd back as HBC, the winning and expectations are at an all time high.

UTEP does not recruit much from El Paso even in basketball. Good recruits are willing to go to a program of winning tradition-----it is good for their resume of life.

I like Mike Price-----he is a good ambassador for El Paso and we are lucky to have a coach of his statuture. He has brought results and of course what follows are the expectations for more success.

Price does get publicity due to his prior success at Washington State, etc... This publicity is good for El Paso and UTEP. I personally would like to see him stay as UTEP football coach.

By the way those who are calling for the departure of the offensive cooridinator----that person is Price's son.

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