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Let me ask u, how long is too long to wait for something good to happen to Utep football? Mike Price won two years, n now has taken the program considerably down, where we're starting to resemble some of the past years of embarrassing losses. The man got hired at Alabama for a reason, yet he cannot deliver consistency (winners) here at Utep, where the competition is nowhere like that at the SEC or the top conferences. Please people, no more excuses, seems that many fans have also been conditioned to accept losses as something normal. Utep should strive to do more than what they've given the El Paso community.


Hiring a new coach might not be the solution. Only two things can happen 1.New coach new system equal growing pains which leads to 2-10, 3-9, seasons. After maybe four years(thats if were lucky) we get a good two or three years of 8-4, 9-3 then this happens. 2.A bigger better school comes and steals our coach and were back to 2-10. Mike Price has won more games in the last seven years than UTEP did the previous 15.


I used to live in the El Paso area untill March of 2000 and always followed the Miners thru the 1-10,2-11 seasons except the couple of good years under Bob Stull.After Price was hired all I read in the newspapers here in southern Cal.is what a great job he has done and how lucky UTEP is to have him.Nobody else wants to coach there,except to use it a a springboard to go elsewhere as proven by the basketball coaches who have moved on after successfull seasons.Be smart,sign Mike Price long term or let him go and go back to those 1-2-or 3 win seasons.


To Rick, r u for real? I'm not sure you're from El Paso originally, but we have suffered thru more than 40 years of miserable football. Yes, we love our miners and many of us would do all we can to support them, but enough is enough. Coach Price came into this conference as perhaps the most heralded of all at the time, but has failed miserably in all levels. Other bad teams in the conference have now surpassed our efforts and are only getting better. Not until we get someone who acknowledges our past and commits to turning this thing around will we ever be able to be respectable and respected by the college world. Thanks for your input, but you don't get it like the rest of us out here in El Paso.


UTEP and El Paso should just face the fact they they will never have a nationally competitive football program. Keep Price and move to Division II where UTEP belongs, maybe they can be competitive there.


UTEP should drop the athletics program and concentrate on improving their academic reputation.


It's always cute to read comments such as jjj and Jennifer posted. The fact is that university administrators such as president Natalicio, understand that athletics can become an important public face for the school. I'm a Miner fan first but my second favorite school is Wisconsin. It's a prestigious university, consistently ranked very high in the nation academically. There are always a few of the intellectual elite (especially elite in their own eyes) that will say things along the lines of, "let's drop athletics and concentrate on academics". But what the administration knows is that the public face of the athletic department is very important in attracting students and alumni and the on-going donations that happen because of athletics. It's a great investment and without it the academic side would suffer. UTEP does need to put pressure on the entire athletic department to be as successful, within the rules, as it can be but without that athletic department, UTEP would sink to obscurity. Invest more in the football program. Make sure coaching salaries and recruiting budgets are at least on a par with the competition. Always strive for the next level. Have some ambitious yet attainable short and long term goals established. And GO MINERS!

Ray MacDonald

For UTEP to save money they should drop the football program like the did with baseball. It is a known fact that football causes brain injuries that dull a football mind even more than the idea that an individual can play football in the first place. UTEP plays themselves to be an institution of higher learning. Contact sports do not promote education goals, but $350,000 does look good if you do not want to graduate and become a pro. Again look at all the concussions that the pros are having lately. Is it worth it in the end.

Big Tex

Went to the Gaem this weekend. Stood in the cold on Friday for the pre-game pep ralley. UTEP band, Cheerleaders,and golddiggers kicked BYU's butt. Then it came for the football players to say something. BYU was their, but no Miners? Maybe it was to cold? Price and the team did stop by to thank the band ealier, but didn't stick around. Had to practice inside the indoor practice field.
ONly good hing aabout the game was the UTEP band.


It was great driving up to Albuquerque on saturday morning and seeing 3 out of 5 cars having some sort of UTEP stuff on their car. We stopped at a rest stop and it was awesome for people to simply say hello because of the UTEP shirt you're wearing.
The game sucked, no doubt about it, however Mike Price has delivered a few bowl games for us that have been fun even though we have not prevailed. My point here is Mike price should have opened up the game a little more and try to win as much as WE expect him to win.
Keep Mike Price as he is a big time coach and lets not forget about his recruiting in TEXAS its NOT easy. 99.3% want to play for TEXAS, .1 for TEXAS TECH, .1 for TCU, .1 for HOUSTON ETC........
So lets keep it in perspective and go Miners!!
I'll take Mike Price at 5 and seven any day over going back to 1-10, 2-9, ETC.....


Keep what in perspective? Losing again and again??? Please super fans, wake up already! Pathetic showing time and time again on national tv is extremely bad for Utep and El Paso. For those who think Utep doesn't get good players because people don't go to games just don't get it. It's not up to the fans to supplement a program just because, it's the universities responsibility to put a good product on the field to attract a paying fan base over time. But here at Utep, over time has been consumed by losing teams, time and time again. If we don't demand winners from Utep, it's clear they'll never deliver as well!!! Tiime to watch college football on tv!


Charlie Bailiey's last three seasons, 4-7, 3-8, 5-7.
Mike Price's last three: 5-7, 4-8, 6-7. And MPs wins were against lesser football programs -- no Utahs, BYUs and TCUs looming on the schedule.

Price did better than Nord but everything else is really just Back to the Future. The product on the field still looks awful plenty of the time. Stop comparing wins in C-USA now to the WAC back then.

If we magically went to the Big 12 and went 0-12 (very likely outcome) are we a lesser football program then today? What if we went 8-4 in the Sun Belt Conference (also very likely)? Nope, just playing different football programs. The 2 win season argument is inaccurate and stale. Going 3-5 in C-USA is very similar to 1-7 in the Mountain West.

Until we win the college football lottery or UTEP is included in a major realignment with lesser football programs these sort of years will continue. I'm not sure if going to a bowl game really helped recruiting efforts this year besides paying for additional plane tickets and meals. I don't think the National football audience was overly impressed.


I support Mike Price and the Miners, and I hope he stays. Truth be told, I was at the NM Bowl game with my kids, and it was pretty humiliating watching the floor get wiped up with our FB team's carcasses like that. Sal and other MP haters, please look at the big picture, though. Considering where we have been as a football entity for DECADES, the fact that we have gone to three bowl games in seven years is a MAJOR improvement. I mean, we WERE in the post-season, right? It seems like the measure of success for the basketball team is to make it to the NCAA tourney. Why can't making a bowl game for the FB team be just as good? I DO think that we are taking steps in the right direction. It would be tough to get a likable coach of MP's caliber to come to El Paso, unless it was another young hot shot, just waiting for the call to go to a BCS school for more money, leaving us with yet another coaching search. Let's give MP our support and watch him continue take us to heights that UTEP FB is not used to. He already has.....

Big Tex

WHen it snows on grass change your cleats.

84 Miner

We were in Albuquerque and the experience was GREAT! Even though we lost, that was not all the bowl game had to offer. It was good watching the Lobo fans tailgating and cheering on the Miner cheerleaders and band when they came to play before the game at the Alumni breakfast! It was great to see so many Miner supporters in the stands. That's what the bowl experience provides a team and city! It was good seeing other Miner fans throughout the city honking their horns or saying "Picks Up"! I for one am glad that they got a bowl invitation. Stop being haters and stop posting your negative trash, not needed, we are headed in the right direction! Go Miners!


I'm hardly the Price hater. Yes, reaching a bowl game is considered football success for teams like us. That is now the standard (thanks to Price) for the guy after Mike Price, whenever that day comes.

I just want those that think Price is beyond criticism to take a shot of reality with their Shirley Temple that's all. Price did an okay job this year. He beat a team people did not think they could beat (SMU) and got beat by some bad ones (insert team here).

I'm just not so easy to convince a new coach would go 2-10 right out the gate or 8-4 as some Price haters suggest. Considering a new coach is never out of the question unless you're the New England Patriots. In college football it's a matter of fact.


A 4-8, 5-7, 6-6, and 6-7 season is still pathetic! I'm sick of the mediocrity that many in El Chuco continue to settle for. "Oh, remember back in the day jUtepia would only win 1 or 2 games...blah, blah, blah, and look at jNMSU, blah, blah, blah..." Stop living in the past and start demanding better from this football program! Start demanding consistency! Start demanding discipline! Start demanding production! Start demanding conference championships! Start demanding bowl game wins! "Coach Cupcake is a fun loving guy, easy going, everybody likes him, blah, blah, blah..." Have a beer with him at Jaguars then! I want a coach that kicks his players a/s/s/e/s when they screw up! Coach Baboso is the Wade Phillips of college football. This tonto has to go!


Paydirt Pedro

Wait a minute on the whole he's taken us to 3 bowls thing, this is the era of 35 bowls, so you're a pretty pathetic program if you can't make a bowl. Remember the '88 team almost didn't make a bowl and they won 10 games. I think if Wake Forest had not lost the last weekend of that season those guys wouldn't have gone bowling and that was the greatest Miner team ever. So let's not get carried away with how awesome Price is for taking us to 3 bowl games, it was the Houston Bowl, the GMAC Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl, not exactly bigtime. Also he still hasn't won a conference championship, no C-USA championship game appearances, he hasn't won the division, no bowl wins and they were only competitive in 1 of the 3 mentioned bowls. He had 6 fifth year Seniors on the offensive line this year and they got killed on Saturday by BYU, what the hell have they learned over the last five years. Great guy no doubt besides that little stripper thing at Alabama, but he should be a PR guy for UTEP more so than the head coach of the football team.

Read this article from collegefootballnews.com, these guys are pretty honest about what they see.



I'm not so much a UTEP fan but I follow it through my wife - who I can honestly say loves the school and everything about it with a sweet yet intense passion and so it's with a heavy heart that I say UTEP hurt her feelings this Saturday. It hurt her and I was upset about it. She was teary-eyed, distraught, quiet, and boy how I wished I could change the outcome for her just to see her as excited and happy as she was the moment we saw the stadium off of I-25. The People who love this school and this City deserved better; no matter the coach or the division, they just do. We go through so much media scrutiny and a showing like this ... is just awful. FYI, I won't take your money if I can't fix the problem...so why does Mike Price? IF they're bigger then draft bigger. If they're faster then draft faster...but please don't let your mouth speak things your b*tt can't cover! So how do you fix this? How do bad teams turn things around? I'm sure that a couple of Doctorates at UTEP can put their heads together and come up with something.


Thank you Albert! Well said. So many of us try to speak the truth but our own hurt and disappointment perhaps leads us to make statements not quite understood by, again, "those true miner fans" who are willing to accept anything "poor' Utep gives them. I too have walked away from games extremely hurt and embarrassed, not necessarily for myself, but for many players who willingly agree to come to Utep and play their football. The coaches and "great fans" don't seem to understand or have grasped the frustration that the rest of us " I suppose just fans" feel. Yes, I love to dream, and I dream, very often, that someday Utep football will be like the best in the country. But for now, I'd settle for a team like most others that like to win more than lose!


Having attended UTEP when you only got 2 wins in a season I am a huge supporter of Mike Price. Congratulations on a good season. Thank you Trevor, Donald and the rest of the Miners this season. I don't live in El Paso but follow you.


Congratulations to the seniors! Good luck in your future endeavors! Glad to have coach Price coming back and the rest of the coaching staff. See you next season! We will have our ORANGE ON! No Fair Weather Fans Needed! GO MINERS!


I have no dog in the fight other than being a CUSA supporter. I like UTEP and glad you are part of CUSA. I must admit however, that I watched the play calling and performance of the team in horror the other day....The talent with T.V (I know he was not healthy), the backs, and offense should have kept you in the game. I did not feel the team was coached properly, prepared, or ready to go. I'm not casting stones, as I want you guys to do well. I just don't believe you have your man so to speak..

Vincent Johnson

first problem with mike price and many other football teams is nepotism.He needs new blood in the offensive corrdinator. Price is a weenie when it comes to discipline. Predictable, predictable, predictable he does the same plays game in and game out and I only make $35000 a year and can coach against him and his son.


No you can't, chump.

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