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If the Sun Bowl doesn't sell out and there was a chance UTEP could have wiggled its way to be in the Sun Bowl Bernie should be fired.

Actually, the way the Sun Bowl has been under his tenure he should be fired.

Those who mention money for the Sun Bowl should remember that UTEP playing in the game would have meant a sell out crowd.

As for TV viewership, for a game that's on in the middle of the day where people are working - I'd say they do fine. More than fine, every bar TV all over New York City (and this is when I lived in Manhattan - now that I'm in Brooklyn I'm curious to see what happens out here) had the game on. This is also true when I lived in Queens and when I lived in New Jersey.

With all that being said, $750k to have a chance to beat BYU for the first Bowl win in my lifetime would be VERY satisfying.

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