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Big L

Was at the game, sitting with season ticket holders, they were a little whiney in the 1st Qtr. Our kids played hard, got a couple of bad breaks, we should be pick them up this week and hope they come out swinging the same way on Tulsa.


I agree that the miners played as well and tough as they could, no thanks to the refs who were doing everything to hand the game over to the hogs (as if they would need the help). But now I really believe the miners know they can play with anyone, especially showing up in Tulsa and playing to win. Go Miners, play your hearts out and do yourselves proud!!!


Miner Niner, I agree that I don't like the way Mizzou handled Durant's renemiturct, but Mizzou is taking full advantage of a great season and using it to improve their football team. The Miners could have helped recruiting by winning even just one of the last three games, but now they have to deal with the possible fallout of another promising season slipping away.

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