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If I'm not mistaken this is a home game too! Why does UTEP not advertise or try and encourage the fans to come out. Simply giving away tickets to sell this sucker out would make a lot of sense (You get what $1mil for a bowl game appearance?) The orange out thing the city is doing is a great idea but they shouldn't forget about football. 29k at the last game was embarrassing!


You're preaching to the choir slim...

"All seriousness aside, I think that UTEP matches up pretty well with SMU. What is JAT smoking?! Well SMU and the Miners are finesse, one-back spread teams. SMU executes much better but they are pretty similar in that regard.

The problem is if UTEP loses against SMU and then has to go play a very physical Arkansas team, the Miners might be playing with more than a couple of reserve players against Tulsa. Arkansas may add insult to injury because of their bruising style of play.

Remember that "play lights out" comment I posted earlier? Hard to do that with a second or third stringer. Again, the next game is our best shot at victory."

Posted by: JAT | November 02, 2010 at 07:58 AM


A bowl game equals success? There are 35 bowl games, meaning 70 of the 120 teams will get into one. Not exactly cream-of-the-crop.


It's pretty obvious that even the folks in charge up on the hill have written off the football program for this year. Rocket Scientist hit it right on the head last home game of the season and you haven't heard squat about trying to get El Pasoans out to at least get the Sun Bowl at least half way sold-out. Instead they've already switched gears to basketball. The Marketing Dept. (joke-joke) needs to get into UTEP football they way they have gone out and done for basketball. With Floyd back I guess we're going back to the "Old" UTEP mentality let's put everything behind basketball and let football take a back seat once again. As a city we should all be demanding the same high caliber, high quality programs from both football and basketball. After all we pay for the right to demand it. Win one more game to become bowl eligible? Then what? go to a bowl game and get our as-- handed to us. Yep, I see the pride in that. It's time for Bob Stull to get on his scouting trips and get us a high caliber football coach just like he did for basketball. Sorry Mike Price you said it "I just don't know what to tell them anymore." Well we don't either the train leaves in three weeks, see you on it. PICKS UP!


I like the Miners in this one. SMU will have a difficult time stealing it. MKT! FYI, weve have a university here and its complete with an athletic dept. Where have you been!Would you like them to come and pick up for the game? Heaven forbid they play in a close game! No fairweather fans needed! GO MINERS!

Andy Springer

Jennifer wants UTEP in the Rose Bowl. Good gosh, we are in a bowl eligible situation. Quit complaining. If we have people hurt a little bit, hold them out of the Arkansas game and have them ready for Tulsa.


Dan Hawkins is looking for a job!

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