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WTF Price, ru serious? This almost upsets me more than the loss itself because it just shows how inept CMP was in the final 2 mins of that game.

How the hell doesnt he know what the down and distance is on the final drive? How the hell does he waste our final timeout on something he knew before hand was inconclusive? Hasnt he heard of indisputable evidence when challenging a play? Argh obviously this old man has lost his mind...

And I call bull on the explanation for the offense, ur supposed to be an offensive guru, ur supposed to know what's wrong. Why does Banyard only get 2 carries? Why call an out route on a 2 pt conversion when the spread option w/ Thomas was working. Is this guy serious? Its time for a change Stull, please listen to the dwindling UTEP fanbase and make a change at the end of the year. Im begging u Bob Stull


Sorry coach Price but I agree with the previous post. You said it yourself that Utep has the athletes but the team is going nowhere. They need some discipline! Way too many penalties, dropped balls, forced throws, bonehead plays, and wasted opportunities. I dont understand a lot of the play calls?These kids need something new and innovative or maybe just a changeup. What do you have to lose? Let James Thomas play and RUN the ball. What a waste of talent! You have got a stable of running backs and they don't touch the ball much. What about the talented tight ends.
You are not playing powerhouse teams. If you can't beat the teams you are supposed to consistently then there has to be a change. Change a player, change a scheme, or change yourself. I'm tired of settling for five wins because we used to get only two.


jUtepia's season summed up in 15 seconds:


tio Tomas

From now on refer to him as Mediocre Price

George in H Town

What a freaking joke. FIRE PRICE (ALL OF THEM) NOW! FIRE PATTERSON, FIRE STULL, FIRE THE WHOLE STAFF. Price is clueless. I hope his son can at least lead him home when they get canned. Unfortuantely by letting this go this long, all we can hope for in the foreseeable future is mediocrity (which would be a step up for pathetic).

julian arrambbide

im with the rest of y'all im tired of seeing this team falter year after year in october and november. We deserve much more especially when we see away games where other teams are lucky to pull in 10,000 fans. Fire Mike Price or join the rest of CUSAs 10,000 average

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