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Rice will beat UTEP. Word!


Uh that's a NO Jennifer!! Utep is gonna actually POUNCE the OWLS!!! PICKS UP... GO MINERS!!!

Miner Student

SELL OUT THE SUNBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C'mon El Paso, they're doing their part, now its our turn!!!!!!!

Miner Niner

STFU Jennifer....stupid woman....Your just a big time hater fat chick that never got to be a UTEP cheerleader because your heavy @$$ couldn't do a back flip...Go on a diet.


All of UTEP's victories have come against teams with losing records (including 2 that haven't won a game yet). Hate to say it, but Rice may win. UTEP isn't a very good football team, they are just better than some of the worst football teams in the country.

Andy Springer

UTEP MINER FANS, Come early, be loud, wear orange, and stay late. Help UTEP beat Rice Saturday night. Go MINERS !!

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