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They found a way to win. It was an ugly win against one of the worst college teams in the country, as Memphis is on the Waiting List for ESPN's Bottom 10.

Anyone celebrating this "victory", especially those in the news media, should hang their deluded heads in shame.

UTEP has some Bottom 10 credibility...they will be playing Bottom 10 (or B10 dishonorable mention) teams in the next 5 games. I think the Miners need to be on that list.


Agreed. Got a whuppin' at Houston. Can you imagine if we had to play Texas this year?


Oh no, the UTEP haters are out again trying to squash any positive vibes. I guess I'll have to stop going to the rest of the games and become a UT t-shirt fan. lol


It's too bad we don't play Texas this year, we would probably beat them.

Andy Springer

This would be the year to play Texas & Kansas. Well, we play the schedule. Bottom feeder fans? A win is a win and be happy to get it. First victory over Memphis and it came at the right time. New Mexico and teams like that worry me. It is easy to feel complacent and overlook a win. Don't lose the easy one and we will pick up a tough one. Good Luck.

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