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CRRRRRRRRRAP! This will be like the Jeremy Jones injury a few years back. It will become an excuse for the team to suck and play horribly. UTEP always gives up when one thing goes wrong... I guess there goes the season.



Give the team some credit. It could also become a rallying point for the team if he's out for more than a game.


sigh........let's just hope Kris Adam's can pick up the slack and give us a running chance in the air. Better yet, let's just hope Amy stays healthy as well......BETTER YET, let's just hope this injury isn't serious.

this team is CURSED!!!

Alamo Miner

Carlo and Joe

Take a chill pill and drink some of the Lithium laced EP water. One player does not make the team. The rest of guys will take up the slack and the show must go on.


When it comes to UTEP, one player always seems to make the team.... this pattern gets repeated every time (Felix, Amy, Jones) once those guys got hurt a promising season went down the toilet. I wish they would break down that mental barrier.

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