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He is a little short for D-1, however many short QBs have had great success in college. 5'10 Chase Daniels tore it up in last weeks preseason game, so maybe size doesnt matter as much as everyone thinks it does


Drew Brees is also a little short for the NFL... I have a feeling that height is becoming less important... Agreed it does not matter as much as people think it does


size doesnt matter as much as people make it out to be at the qb position. however a shorter qb must have the correct skillset to offset the height advantage that many other QBs possess(solid knowledge of schemes, field instinct, elusiveness, ability to throw on run etc.)

miner niner

Size is overrated, and sometimes it isn't...Depending on the reaction time of the quarterback. A tall quarterback has better vision due to the fact that the QB can see over the offensive line, but if he doesn't have the reaction time or a feel for the receiver relative to the defender, then height is over rated. Drew Brees is short, and he tore it up last year. I think Carson is our future QB.


Meger has two attributes that can't be coached, intelligence and heart. Remember the old saying about the size of the dog in the fight...

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