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Its always been up to the Mexican Citizens, they choose to look the other way, to tolerate this tragedy that continues to degrade with every day that passes.
The police/military/govt are not going to end this, they will simply deal with the results and move on to the next one.
It will only be ended when the people choose to no longer allow it to go on.


And then you have the Mexican President...

"Mexico president blasts US after casino massacre"


Point all the fingers you want, not going to do a single thing to solve the issue.

Fact is NOBODY can wave a magic wand and stop the demand...that horse has left the barn decades ago, people will have vices and be addicted to all kinds of things. Even if you could stop demand..it would be a decades long solution that has no effect on the current situation in Mexico.

In the end the violence is about $$ and power.

I don't think there is a 12 step program for that.

There is however a very effective 3 step program

miguel rodriguez

Robnelp, of course they are doing something to try and combat nacrcotraficers. I agree with your first post completely, it is up to the Mexican people. The goverment will never solve this if Mexican citizens blame the goverment for crimes commited by criminals. When Mexicans are fed up and stop associating with criminals, when they start to see criminals for what they really are, then we will be on our way to solving this. Sorry, this is not a very well put together response, I am really tired at the moment and I am not at my most articulate.

miguel rodriguez

Lourdes Cardenas, please blame the goverment less and allow Mexican citizens to take responsibility for what they accept and even admire. Change starts from the bottom up. If Mexicans keep blaming the president, that's a cop out. Not to say Mexican politicians are not corrupt etc, but it begins with the people. Once they are willing to sacrifice and change then we may improove as a country. But as long we just point fingers, then we are in this maybe forever.

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