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Alls I can say is if you cross the border south you do it at your own risk, of being shot, of being pulled over and than being shot, or of this being used as a drug mual with out even knowing it!

Here is a news flash If Mexico wants to stop the Weapons from corssing over why don't they do a 100% inspection of all car, truck that arrivve there??

I wonder??? who is banking $$ every time guns cross?


I dont understand that either just pull everybody over and check them all. Ques would be longer but at least they would know for sure.

Giana Forzareli

Well I am glad that the federal government is making strides to stop these crimes. More violence is coming into this country, whether its drugs or guns, we have to increase our awareness to put a damper on these illegal operations. I have to say it was smart of them to use a Locksmith Service to ensure their shipments. Luckily, the feds caught on, and started developing ways to catch these individuals. Great post!

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