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August 08, 2013


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John Sr

Yeah, this is a bit much, coming from the El Paso Times, seeing as how they seem to miss so many of the local goings on of City Council. I mean, if you slant your stories (and we all know you do), then you should not be calling anyone else for something of this nature. Personally, I don't watch KTSM local news, don't know who Adrienne Alvarez is, and the first I had heard of her trouble with the law was from reading your EPT online news report. As for apologizing, I don't think that KVIA should have had to do so, but hey, I'd say that was grownup of them.

Chispas Rojo

I wrote a somewhat vicious letter adressed to Rick Cabrera, Estela Casas and Lovell. Cabrera and Casas probably had nothing to do with this since it occurred on the Sunday broadcast. But there was other incidents I complained about that was similiar in intent to the alleged Alvarez story. KVIA has this thing about publicly eviscerateing their own employees. Someone writes a letter complaining about how someone looks and Cabrera has to read this on his ABC Listens segment, thereby ridiculing that anchor on air. I've never in my life heard of a news organization that reads public comments about thier employess. I could care less if someone thinks an anchor is ugly. Let them wallow in their misery and leave me out of it and why waste valuable on air news time discussing that one of their viewers does not like the way someone looks, or the way the read the news? If the station has an issue with one of their anchors than let them discuss that with the anchor in private and leave the general public out of it. I don't know what is going on over at KVIA since Gary Warner left but in this viewers eyes, they need to get thier act together. This is beginng to border on pathetic. It is certainly not journalism. The Alvarez story really pissed me off and maybe Casa's and Cabrera read my comments as being directed at them, which they were not, it is directed at mgmt.. If Rick or Estela was in the same position as Alvarez and another station dragged their name through the mud, I would jump on them too. Rick and Estella I know tht this was not your doing and I apologize if I hurt you in anyway. But please, stop trashing your own anchors on air by reading viewers comments about what the look like.
Jim Sparks


KVIA didn't go to far. They went to Santa Teresa. Where's far?


People in the Local TV News business have told me that network affiliate newscasts stopped being about actual journalism close to 30 years ago. Nor are the on-air folks these days journalists; they're performers.

It's no longer about news content; it's all about numbers of viewers and ratings, which translates into advertising rates. Which is why you see Local TV News personnel do so much on-air bragging about themselves and their stations.

I don't know which KVIA employee visited Alvarez's house, but I bet he/she was assigned the task. And I'd bet KVIA's news director or weekend news director had a hand in it.

At least local TV newscasters don't do the matching-blazers thing anymore.

There are two classic definitions of what "news" is. One is, "whenever something happens that's out of the ordinary." The other, from former Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee, is "news is whatever that day's page editor says it is."


There's nothing wrong with reporting her arrest, asking for comment. What's wrong with you people is that you don't follow the story through. Her case was dismissed. Don't you people know how to look it up?

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