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April 17, 2013


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I like Dan, I hope he finds a home at KVIA or KFOX, or maybe even become the co-anchor at KVIA/CW's news at 9 pm.


He's a good one. Hope he stays here. I wonder if KTSM ran him off or isn't renewing his contract.

I know the station ran Nick Miller off a few years ago.


Seriously? Dan O'Rourke is so much better than everybody on the news here. And a very nice man. I'd like to see him with Estela but he can probably go wherever he wants to


Dan should be on the national network. Who are the dumbasses that run KTSM?


It's a shame, Dan O'Rourke is a GREAT anchor. Head and shoulders above all of the other anchors, except Estela Casas.


KTSM has been running 2nd fiddle in the ratings since the glory days of NIck Miller and Erica Castillo. Their youth movement has failed twice: first with Ben Swann and with who ever is on there now. Eat crow, KTSM, and bring back Nick Miller.

Chispas Rojo

Gary Munday said it best: "I long for the days of Gary Warner, Nick Miller and Dan O'Rourke."

Journalism seems to have taken a turn for the worst this summer of 2013.

Jim Sparks
Hudspeth County, Texas

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