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July 26, 2012


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Are they out of their minds? Dan O''Rourke and Estella Casas are by far the best news anchors in EP. KTSM can't win for losing


lmao !!! Dan the Man + coupla decent reporters is all they got and they bust him to weekends, holy cr**


Wow... The best newsman in El Paso... in a very long time is Dan O'Rourke. What are you thinking KTSM???


And two female (or male) anchors never flies. You need to keep one male, one female.


Nicole & Dan the Man anchoring together would be a better duo. Great to see more of Amber on a regular basis though.


I guess Dan was just too white and aged for KTSM (maybe just too good) anchor desk. Weekends? Weekends?? Are you people trying to finish dfl in the ratings? What a joke!!


"There they go again". Yes, the median age in El Paso is 31, but we want experience not this youth movement that failed when KTSM chose youthful Ben Swann over Nick Miller, the best male anchor in the city at the time. Now O'Rourke is going to weekends? Another bad move, KTSM. There is a reason why Estela Casas has been anchoring the #1 local evening news show in El Paso for the last 15 years: decades of experience and trust.


Agree, many are still missing the authoritative news reporting of Nick Miller. Who's making news team decisions over at KTSM and at sister station KDBC? A suggestion for them: look at the ratings (KVIA Channel 7 leads everyone, in English and Spanish languages) dump the pretty people, and get some real experience on your teams.

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