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May 31, 2011


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Pam Miller

Good Luck in what you to Miri

The Truth

Finally the worst weekend anchor duo are gone (Novick and Marshall). It was painful to watch these 2 deliver the weekend edition of the news. I know KFOX is run pretty poorly so lets see if they get better replacements.


Does anybody know what happened to Monica Balderrama?


Monica is on to bigger and better things. Employees will continue to drop like flies on-air and behind the scenes thanks to the piss-poor quality of news managers. Who wants to show up to work everyday to two nasty ladies who do nothing but ridicule and talk crap about staff. Sad situation.

Pam Miller

Later Kfox will Cancel news For good Sorry to say with the poor management

go get em!

Miri! Good luck sweetie! You did it all. News and weather! Impressive.


Thanks for the update; I work crazy hours so I don't always get to watch their news, but it seems from one day to the next people are leaving Kfox. I hope all those who have left do well in their new assignments!

the truth

She was actually a good anchor, a double threat because she also did the wheather. She has good skills, she will do fine in the long run. Good Luck and remember when one door closes another opens, have faith, your skills will be rewarded.


I think Monica has left the airwaves for good. That's a shame because she was the best reporter in town since Arlene Barrio left. It was Monica, after all, who found the mouse in the Chinese food and saved us all from a lot of grief and indigestion.

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