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April 18, 2011


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Willard Shmekel

I want Adrienne Alvarez to be the anchor for all local TV stations. That babe-a-liscious babe could read from the phone book and I would still sit in front of the TV and be entranced.


Get Felipa Solis...she'd be perfect!!!


I think Phillip Mena should host the entertainment show and keep Oralia as anchor.

Dave Ross

Adrienne is definitely a sweetheart and doing a great job at KDBC. How about Alexa Helms? She is simply beautiful, classy, and talented.


why would they have to replace oralia? the show times don't conflict...


I agree. Why replace Oralia?

Dave Ross

Alexa is hot. She'll have a higher male viewership.


Agree. I want Alexa too.

Willard Shmekel

Oohh! Adrienne and Alexa together on one broadcast. It's a dream come true. If only KDBC could lure Hema Muller. Hubba-hubba.


Okay, Willard Shmekel, your starting to seriously creep me out. Eeewwww...you pervert...

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