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April 07, 2011


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She will be greatly missed. What a dedicated, hardworking reporter! You could count on Monica to get to the meat of an issue and not cut any slack for government officials. Great job, Monica. Good luck in the future.


This was, hands down, the best reporter ever seen on local news in El Paso. She was relentless, doggedly pursuing the story and showing no fear as she moved from beat to beat. Not only do we owe her for finding the mouse in the Chinese buffet, but thanks to her KFOX now has an exclusive east side bureau to keep us up to speed on all the happenings in that vital part of town. Whomever takes over that assignment has mighty big shoes to fill, at least a size 12 by my estimation. I hope we will still see Monica from time to time and if anyone knows what he future career will be I would be mucho obligo for the info.

rick rainger

monica, what a class act anyone to
see that many changes @kfox and stay
with it what a trooper.anyone that
gets her to work with them will
know they have a great person by
thier side.

Willard Shmekel

It didn't hurt that Monica was hot.


She was the best reporter I have seen in all my years in El Paso. Her only fault was that, if she interviewed someone from Homeland Security, it seemed like she believed everything she was told, when about 80% was lies.

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