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January 17, 2010


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Morning show viewer

I know its bizarre news, but this is a site to talk about NEWS ABOUT LOCAL MEDIA!!!!!! IT DOES NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING WITH THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE.


I disagree. I'm always interested in hearing the latest about chimichangas.

Capt. Obvious

Another article on the Chupacabra attack? And its talking about how TV covered it? No EP Times. You covered it and then your media partner (CH.9) covered it and then their red-headed step-child (CH.4) covered it by proxy. Now you 'cover it' again by a self-serving blog entry? Sounds like the perfect cirle-jerk.


Channel 9 blows. Covering the most dumbest stories I've seen in local news reporting.

Gio Macias

Chupacabras, as it turned out, was actually KVIA sports director Raul Martinez.

[Gee, GayBoy,you actually missed this one.]

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