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January 14, 2010


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I feel sorry for the Brownsville city folk for having to see the moron Robert Bettes as he gives the weather report for them.


I kind of like it actually, Brownsville is a dangerous place to be right about now so it makes to deliver the news from afar. I think they're already acquainted with Nicole down there, however, because I feel certain she's visited the area at least on Spring Break. I've no idea who this anchor is that's being replaced but I would think that the people would have an attitude of "Better the devil you know."

Watching from East El Paso

The viewers in Brownsville will love Nicole Ayoub and Robert Bettes. No sports in Brownsville on KVEO either, huh? The Channel 4 news broadcast is much improved since the move to the Channel 9 facilities.


Yes, nothing like a "live" newscast that's taped 4 hours in advance with borrowed cameramen and reporters. Wait until a disaster hits Brownsville or even here, so much for timely information.

West Side Viewer

I have visited family in Brownsville. When I was there recently I watched the KVEO news briefly. Their anchors are horrible especially the female. My family in Brownsville told me the news was good when it first started.

 = )~

This is just another example of how the business is deteriorating. That just isn't journalism anymore! I feel bad for the Brownsville crews (those who will be losing their jobs) and also for the El Paso crews who will be working harder for probably the same pay.

Telemundo has a similar operation in Dallas. Its called the Telemundo Production Center. They produce the news for Phoenix and Tucson.

Shame on you Compcorp! The peopel you layoff have mouths to feed and bills to pay. The reason people are being laydoff is not because the company is going under, its because investors are not making the millions they used to. Tisk tisk you greedy fatcats.


Who Cares KVIA is #1


Poor, poor Brownsville. It's bad enough that one city has to be subjected to Bettes. Will they get his little comedy skits, as well, or just the straight weather?

The Last Don

Not the first time this happens. I was in Denver over the holidays and Aldo Acosta from Univision was doing the weather for the Denver affiliate as well.


The corporate culture of this country needs a major overhaul. Employees are no longer valued. They are continually heaping more and more responsibility onto already-overworked people and for the same pay.
Radio has been doing this to its people for years. More often than not, the disc jockey you hear on-air is not live at all. Shame on the radio and television business for doing this.
Kids, don't get a communications degree. Save your money and become a pharmacy technician.
For the record, the outsourcing of jobs like this wouldn't happen if there was an active radio and television union in El Paso.

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