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October 21, 2009


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Underwater Fireman

Welcome back Ms. Guadian. Hopefully you will also replace the bumbling, stammering Noreen Jaramillo during the morning news.


I know the sexist police will call me out on this one...but two female anchors?


It won't be for long that it's two girls. I heard their getting rid of Jaramillo. She seems nice but the woman cannot get through any of the news without messing up. But I guess John Purvis is the same.

Odd or Just Plain Wrong?

If Jaramillo goes...the whole newscast goes. O'Hara has wanted her gone from day one due to rampant jealousy, but even her little bird brain knows it would bury the show. I wish Ms. Guadian the best...but honey, you really should have done your research.

It doesn't matter.

There is much more going on than meets the eye. I'm glad I don't watch this show.


Wont be long before a shirtless Raul Martinez from KVIA shows up on this show!

TV dude

I wish the people on this post would ban this GayBoy who ever you are from posting stupid comments.

Brian H.

El Paso is getting a great talent in Stephanie. I worked with her at KTRK and she is an excellent Anchor / Reporter and very professional.


KFOX has gained a very talented anchor. She is great.


Excellent for KFOX. Dominate news coverage for El Paso. Ms. Guadian is talented big time, what a gain!

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