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September 01, 2009


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That's a hot one.


Amber is pure class and she's a world class beauty. I'm sure she'll set Phoenix on fire with her warm smile, charm and good looks.


A hot talent reporting hot weather. Congrats to Amber.

Now then, I will try my best to avoid hijacking this thread with comments about KVIA's new web site. Maybe a new blog entry would be appropriate.

Media Gyno Watch

Is Stephanie Valle pregnant?


If I were KVIA, I would strongly consider dropping the morning and noon weather and just stream Amber's forecast during that time. The weather in Phoenix is basically the same as in El Paso anyway and that way they could save money and we could see that raving beauty locally once again. The guys they have on now except for Doppler Dave just aren't cutting it.


It's possible that Stephanie is pregnant because I recently saw her husband picking up a prescription of Levitra.


That's a wonderful idea about streaming Amber. I agree that those other two dudes are less than desirable. That would be an innovative approach to both the problem of those two inept weathermen and everyone's desire to see Amber on a daily basis.


I doubt that she is preggo because I saw her recently at Graham's and she was hitting the sauce pretty hard.


I just got me a person's computer for the first time and I finally got connected to this here internet thing. Can anyone tell me how to find out more about Amber? She's my favorite of all time ever since I turned on a TV.



Who are you kidding? You didn't just get a computer. You've been posting for months under different names. The combination of your e-mail address and IP address shows up 18 times since Monday.

You've posted as Chuy, Vic, Willie, Ted, Perry, Paco, Cam, Cindy, Bart, Andy, Tammy, Berry, Hans, Liam, Clint, Ham and Harold.

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