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April 14, 2009


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Gustavo - thanks for verifying this for us, although I now feel like the best thing ever to hit El Paso weather is gone. Hopefully, there will be large scale and extended celebrations to mark her departure.

KVIA lover


First Marilyn Chambers dies and now this. Unbelievable.


So are we to infer that Gustavo got his groove on with the lovely Ms. Sam? :o)


Autumn Sam is one of the nicest people I have ever known. She is enjoyable to watch, but much nicer to actually know. She is a good example and I wish her the very best. Good luck Autumn!


Maybe Channel 7 can get Domenica Davis from the Fox News Channel to replace her. She's the only weather lady in Amber's league in terms of hotability.


It is absolutely unfathomable to me that KVIA could let such a rare talent slip away. Amber is uniquely qualified to forecast the weather of this region because of her desert upbringing. She has a rare knack for explaining and expounding on the often confusing meterological terms which accompany all considerations of climate. Her broadcasts are the most clearly annunciated expositions of temperature, wind and precipitation I have ever heard. And she does it all with a unique flair and extreme beauty that turns even the dullest forecast of weather conditions into a vibrant and memorable event. From the first time I saw the radiant Ms. Sullins I was hooked and I have watched her faithfully day after day. I somehow fear that the average El Pasoan is oblivious to the grace and style that she displays on a daily basis and their lives have gone unnourished as a result. In years past I always thought of the weather as a time filler between the news and sports but Amber totally transformed my opinion. The graphics she uses are impeccable and the hand motions she employs during her forecast are better than any spokesmodel. I only hope that I can recover from this crushing blow and somehow find a reason to get excited about local news once again. The media gods have dealt us a cruel fate indeed.


I'm sure KVIA tried to get Amber Sullins to stay. The fact of the matter is everyone knew she was bound for big market
success from day one. Good Luck Ms. Sullins wherever you go!

Pam Miller

i love to see amber sullins to stay

Pam Miller

Lou Ramano go to Channel 7

billy bob

I know for a fact KVIA never tried to get Amber to stay. They hate her and can't wait for her to go. IT'S THEIR LOSS! she's great and the ratings will suffer because of her departure. See you on the Weather Channel Amber!

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