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April 15, 2009


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Now that such nonsense is over, we can go back to more important things like talking about how tragic and gut wrenching it's going to be around here without Amber to grace our morning forecasts.

Radio Roadkill

El Paso Media and its amateur radio hosts made an abortion of talk radio. Not one had any experience and it was very noticeable.
On the job training does not work in live radio.


I guess the Gringa will have to talk to herself in the shower if she wants to continue her relationship with the sound of her own voice.

El Pasoan

Lisa D was irritating. Smart move on KQBU to take it off the air.


replaced by Ranchero music, the ultimate punch in the face


Another nail on the El Paso Media Group coffin. Nobody had the experience to take on such a task. Good they have Sito Negron & David Crowder writing for Newspapertree. Other than that its just ditzy housewives, alleged political gurus & spoiled mama boys.

local talk radio listener

It was Newsparetree that pulled out. KQBU should have stayed with the 6am-1pm weekday lineup. It was a sales manager of KQBU that put Paul Strelzin back in from 7am-10am. I am proud of Newspapertree for going into local talk radio. The past two and a half weeks of newspapertree local radio on KQBU am 920 was great radio. We learned alot about Norma chavez and the bills that she killed in the Texas legislature. They had some good local talk. Thankyou newspapertree for giving us some good local talk radio for the past two and a half weeks. I am grateful. thankyou. Paul strelzin should have stayed away, but that was not the case, so now the newspapertree radio venture on KQBU am 920 is silent. I blame Norma Chavez.

Time Bomb

Anytime in public Lisa D would rant about her hate for Paul Strelzin. Lisa & others at Newspapertree self destructed Besides there was no talent.

David K

Be honest, Paul. Norma's rant on your show and the follow up text on Newspaper Tree tipped off the corporate offices.

They then received a bundle of letters from disgruntled El Pasoans who didn't want Norma to have three hours of radio for free.

You see, Norma got you back on and took you off. It was my ability to actually rally my listeners that was the catalyst.

Your fans post on here, my fans write letters.

my fans win.

David Who

David K is one sick puppy.

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