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February 21, 2012


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Manny Gonzalez

It's funny how Representative Marquez is on a "truth" team that will "expose the failed policies of Texas Republicans" when she is funded by Republican money and conveniently doesn't show up and vote when Democrats need to make a stand against the GOP. The Democratic party miscalculated this selection. The other members of the truth team are well-respected legislators. Which one doesn't belong?

Ms Barraza

manny, i hope you are doing something good for elpaso. Go help Reyes, he is a democrat that needs your support...and is always attending demo functions.(not!)


I commend your leadership Rep. Marquez. You are a smart young woman who has done El Paso proud.

Keep up the good work!

Truth Teams

They should create truth teams where Democrats actually tell the truth.

Account Deleted

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