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September 07, 2011


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Sylvia Evans

I don't agree. El Paso is not safe. I lived there 64 of my 67 years and it has gotten worse since 9-11-01. Sorry!


@ sylvia: you don't agree. well sorry about that but facts are facts and el paso is safe.


el paso should pay for full page ads across the country stating the facts, showing figures, comparing our data to the respective cities' data to finally squash these stupid viewpoints that other people have of our city. I personally know a couple that is here from Chicago and the husband does not let the wife drive and they both purchased guns and got concealed weapons permits because they've heard stories of Mexican, no, no, Spanish men driving around the highway, singling out caucasian women and kidnapping them and taking them to Mexico...give me a break...


Ignorant folks will believe whatever they want. Facts to them are almost like opinions and they still will think that El Paso is right up there with the really violent cities in the U.S.

It's a fact that El Paso is one of the safest cities in America, we were even ranked #1 among large cities in a recent poll. But, to the ignorants, that doesn't matter they will hear the stories from Mexico and Juarez and think it is happening on this side of the border.


It's a shame that our Governor is so ignorant on the issue but hey he has good hair. That should make up for his lck of knowledge. Right?

Patricia Jimenez

When was the last time the Governor was in El Paso? If El Paso is unsafe (according to him) what is his plan for solving the issue? Gov Perry claims he's responsible for creation of many new jobs in Texas. Has all of Texas really benefited? Does anyone know the exact number of new jobs Gov Perry is responsible for creating in El Paso (not Dallas, Houston, Austin, etc., but El Paso).

Big Dave

We actually got safer since 9-11-01. The border got tightened up MUCH more and the military post went on lockdown. Since then access to the military post is much more difficult. Most of the crime before 9-11 was on post via car thefts.

With the increase in the size of our military post, we've seen an increase in crime from our military personnel....DWI's, car racing, fights, and even murders.

But overall, El Paso is a SAFE city...especially when you compare it to cities like Baltimore and Detroit.


and he is trying to be our president? give me a break.


Gov. Perry should make the "Ridiculist" on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" for his ridiculous remarks about the border region. It's a shame that the very same Governor of Texas cannot seem to know or even care to find out the truth about local conditions in his state, but does not hesitate to rant about his own misconceptions. I don't want a President who as Governor cannot seem to get the facts right about his own state!

Anyone but Perry

Nice of our own Governor to throw us under the bus with statements that are not true. Who is the "abject liar"?

adobeman San Antonio, TX

Exactly! When has Perry last been to El Paso? Plus, its his State and El Paso IS part of Texas. Unfortunately, Perry has been known to "be an abject liar" to make his case. Job Creation, someone asked? Yes, 500,000 were Minimum Wage with an Average of $7.25 per hour....If you love a Minimum Wage Job with No Health Benefits then that is what he is talking about. Calling our President an abject liar and talk of eliminating Social Security just cost him the Election.

Perry Policy Director

Governor Perry offers real solutions - denial is not an acceptable course of action. These headlines are from the El Paso Times.

Encounter between US hunters, Mexican police under investigation

CNN: Mexican city plans to train citizens to fire guns

Trio in cartel guns case denied release

Family of four hears gun-smuggling charges

Mexican local police battered in drug war


To consistently call Juarez our sister city and then rally that El Paso is safe is silly. ALthough the violence in Juarez hasn't crossed over in to our city we cannot be ignorant to the fact that it isn't a safe situation for El Pasoans. Yes, our city is safe and bombs haven't exploded here however, everyday more and more people from Juarez move in to our city and take up residence and not all of them innocent citizens. As they cross over to live and make their home here the safety of our city declines. It will begin to cross over and affect us. The violence hasn't crossed over but don't be surprised if it does in the future as the situation in Mexico has already significantly affected us in other ways...violence is not far behind.


Perry Policy Director-Perry offers solutions? Really? What are they? An expensive but failed Border Camara Program? That worked out real well didn't it? Perry says the Border is more dangerous than ever? Sorry, but statistics show otherwise. It's never been safer...no thanks to Perry. 2+2=4. Always has, always will. You can't argue with math, but Perry consistantly tries.

Eddie V

When was the last time Perry was in El Paso? The President of the United States asked him to join him when he visited El Paso and Perry refused. You may not care for Obama, but you still show respect towards the office. Perry could not locate El Paso if he drove through it on I-10. So his comments about El Paso should not count. There is violence in the larger cities that El Paso citizens are not aware of. Take for example, in Houston it is not uncommon to read about a home invasion or drive by shooting incident at least once a week. How often does El Paso have a home invasion? People from Mexico have been crossing the border for years and many fought and died for the U.S.A. Now many are tryig to escape the violence...wouldn't you? If you or any family member have any dealings with drugs or the cartel, then you invite violence to your family. When I visit El Paso, I feel safe and enjoy my visits with friends and family. The only people that can help make and keep El Paso safe are the citizens of El Paso.

D Hernandez

El paso needs to wake up and realize that just because people aren't being killed in El Paso doesn't mean there isn't a problem. How many innocents face to be killed just across the before you accept that there is a problem? This violence will spill over in time and when it does will Mayor Crook and his cronies be there to protect you?

And for the person who says crime in El Paso has increased because of the military isn't very smart. You have no idea the impact the military has on the city. I say go ahead and close Ft Bliss and let's see what Crook and Reyes can bring in to make up for that loss to the El Paso economy.


Not only is El Paso the safest large city in America, it has added a majority of these jobs that GOV Perry has boasted about over the past few weeks. Fort Bliss is now one of the largest and most advanced military installations in the world, UTEP is soon to be a tier one educational institution and Texas Tech chose El Paso to establish one of the most sought after medical schools in the country. We're alot more than just a major hub for Mexican Cuisine and despite the fact that some of our fellow Texas cities can boast the same, they are not El Paso. My thanks to our public servants who continously keep our city safe, our military and their families for making our city proud and to our communities who are also proud of this city and what it stands for. Viva "El Paso"! Now let's go have some Chico's Tacos!


Shame on the Governor of Texas. One day, maybe, he'll get his information straight. The comment about a "abject liar" is totally inappropriate.


Great comment, Esmith!!!


More population - more crime. Ft. Bliss is growing and so is the number of folks coming here from CDJ. If our Mexican implants will just come up to the plate in the form of contributing civically and paying their way, we will continue to be safe.
However if they continue their "viva Mexico" attitude, and disregard our laws and abuse our reso urces, we will end up in the same boat. Come here and become EL PASOANS" instead of vacationers in our wonderful city.

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