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June 14, 2011


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He needs to go back to his country if he cannot speak the language. He has been here for over 20 years and he still can't get the freaking language right. This irritates me to no degree!
If he were in Canada or Germany, would he be speaking in Spanish?!
Seriously, it is good to know you can speak your language but not everyone in America does!! English is the official language of this country: learn it and speak it!

Lori Ellis

he has a translator, he can speak whatever language he likes, Deal with it. This is a Free country. How dare him say he is insulted in that texas accent. Texas is a border state. The Senators need to realize that they represent all the people of Texas not just white folk. I they can't handle it -resign. Let people that can deal with this, not Your Not Speaking English I'm insulted. The Senators were trying to make this person speaking feel small. How embarassing for Texas. I wonder if they would say that to another race like German, Or Italian, or another nationality that they couldn't understand. Remember people we all come from some other place, Members of our families are all different. People need to treat people like they would like to be treated. Have respect for other human beings, Its not a major crime to not speak english. Maybe people that hold office should be bilinqual represent their constituents. Put yourselves in their place and then act accordingly.


America is a democracy that values freedom. That includes to speak whatever language we like. Shame on Harris for harassing an American participating in HIS GOVERNMENT. The state is not the sovereign, the people are -- and we are not all the same. We have different sized, colors, religions and yes ... languages.

Samantha Estrada

Let them be insulted...he can speak English but if his native tongue is better suited for the occasion I am pleased that he took his stand and kept to it. It is his right as a citizen.


To Miriam...

the United States of America does NOT have an official language. Please check your facts before you post something that shows your ignorance. You might want to ease off on your intolerance towards immigrants, too.



Have you ever been to Europe? Everyone there speaks at least 3 languages! And they are the better for it.


Yes people should speak more than one language, but with persons from around the world living in the USA, it is impractical to try to accommodate each and every one. English should be our "OFFICIAL" language in both the USA and Texas. Spanish should not be forced down our throats by those from Mexico wanting to dominate and force us back to a 3rd world country.
Speak English in public.


How can you consider this shoving Spanish down our throats, it seems like your trying to force people to think and speak like you. People are different one, of the cultural customs i see more often in the hispanic community than in any other is common courtesy. Being disrespctful is a waste of time. America is the land of opportunity and freedom not of singled minded ignorance. And a common misconception is to treat people how you would like to be treated, treat people how they want to be treated.


It's too bad Spanish speakers are such an easy mark, and even sadder it's okay to berate Spanish speakers for not having the where-with-all to know English well enough to feel comfortable enough to speak it in a public setting.


Makes me sick. Absolutely sick. Informing the speaker (who is, less we forget, a CITIZEN)that the language in which he speaks is offensive, is like informing the Senator that his thick accent is offensive to me. What is America coming to?


The old geezer is just upset cause he never took the time to learn another language! Im Latino and I know three languages English , spanish and French! And the official language should be Indian cause this land is theirs!


I am hispanic but come on you've been here for more than 20 years...speak ENGLISH! You are lazy which reinforces the stereotype...SPEAK ENGLISH... THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NOT MEXICO!!!!


You are forgetting that this is a FREE NATION with FREEDOM of SPEECH. Seems like hispanics are becoming a majority rather than a minority. Why is it that this so called "language problem" is not a problem when candidates for government office look upon hispanics for their vote. This seems to be the only time that any language other than english is acceptable.


Miriam, you're an idiot. The US of A does NOT have an official language. If most of you read the article, it states that he knows how to speak English, but felt more comfortable speaking Spanish. Most of you should try getting out more often. When I mean gettin out, I mean visiting other cities or other countries. When one goes to Europe, its not just one language you have to worry about. German, Italian, French, Spanish. You don't have to go that far, just at the very least try going to nyc or LA.


Harris, Mariam, Anthony, please be quiet and stop showing your ignorance!!!! You don't want to be labeled as a bigot do you?


Miriam and Gigi, obviously Miriam you are not Caucasian, so what nationality is the name Miriam? Some kind of Latin background, correct? And Gigi you are obviously from Texas, so am I. Both of you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Mexicans, Hispanics or Latin, however you want to call us. We are not the ones bombing buildings or bringing down planes or killing our people. The US is: freedom of speech and English is not the official language. I am a US citizen and my mother is from Mexico but also a US citizen and she shoud be able to speak whatever language she wants or that makes her feel comfortable.

So Gigi, you say Mexicans want to be majority and forcing us into a 3rd World Country, I see Muslims everywhere I turn. Why don't speak ill of them? Now some TX schools are teaching the Muslim language.

You two need a reality check!


An "IDIOT" asked me why I didn't know Spanish! and that I should know Spanish! ... I live in Texas!! NOT Mexico!! my response ... "YOU should know ENGLISH!!"


Sammy Hagar is quoted "I want my children to be bilingual and learn about other cultures!". So what is the problem Senator Harris, you have a translator, is their something more to your snapping other than his Spanish. Hmmmm, could it be.... deny the Mexican/American.

Ramon Hidalgo-Acosta

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Mine however is that if you come to live in this country and want to embrace it a your new home, you have to do it by become a full flesh citizen to included speaking the language during an official hearing. I am latino and I do not agree with the brother speaking spanish in such hearing and I understand the senator to be irritated by the situation. If I were in the senator's shoes, I probably would irritated and insulted too because it shows me that the he does not care enough to be a U.S. citizen. It was unwise decision to speak at the hearing in spanish. For those who claim that English is not the official language of this country, show me an official document that is written in other language other than English.


I am an American of Asian descent; I came here when I was 10 and learned English (the predominant language of the US, I know, not the official). I believe that if one is in the US, the land of the free, and lives here to better themselves, one should learn English. I had to and so did a lot of other immigrants who came here. It just seems to me that the US caters more to the Mexicans than any other minority. Just about everywhere you go, signs and directions are in both Spanish and English, at taxpayers' expense. I believe that we can save a lot of money by just printing things in English and those who live here need to learn how to speak English instead of having us learn their official language. If they went to Germany or any other country in Europe (except maybe Spain), they would have to learn that country's language. If they want to reap the benefits, they need to also do their share by, at least, learning the predominant language.

Fredy Blanco

I remember when Sammy Sosa had to give his testimony in court a few years ago. He did it through a translator and he was asked why, if you can speak English? His response was something like this: Yeah, but is a delicate matter and i need everybody to understand exactly what i am going to say since i was not raised here, my english is not perfect plus i have an accent. So now: Why is so difficult for the ignorant people, to understand that. I think that this is the kind of people that go on vacation to Corpus Christi but for them is like if they went to Hawai. Unwilling of learning about other cultures.


Ignorance is bliss.
3 Most Widely Spoken Languages:
1. Mandarin Chinese: 885 million
2. Spanish: 332 million
3. English: 322 million
It's easier to curse someone for speaking Spanish than to admit the stupidity behind refusing to learn one of the most common languages in the world. People who demand we speak English should recall that, prior to the European invasion of this continent, Native American dialects were the original languages of this land yet, they never imposed their language on others.

Fredy Blanco

Sandra, you are saying that you came here when you were 10 years old. You were practically raise here and went most of your school years in the USA., so then, how can you compare yourself to someone that came here when he was already an adult and that probably did not go to formal school in the USA. He said that he speaks english but he prefers a translator so people will not have to deal with his accent or trying to understand what he says. I doubt that your parents speak perfect english if they came here as adults. This was an important matter in which everybody had to understand his testimony. By the way, i worked with some Asian immigrants long time ago and it was really hard to understand them sometimes bc of their accent.

Ramon Hidalgo-Acosta

@Embarrased. To speak another language it is no a requirement for citizen of this country or it is a stupidity if someone has chosen no to be bilingual. It’s nice skill to have thou but no a requirement for senators or other government elected officials. We need to get over about the past. It's wise to study history and learn from past mistakes but we need to live the present and move on forward to the future. The official language of the United States of America since its creation is English. Sandra is correct when she says that if one migrate to any country in Europe, one would have to learn the language to survive. They do not cater to immigrants and translators are not provided. As I have said before, it a was a blunder to speak Spanish at the hearing after admitting that he has been in this country well over 20 years.

Bobby O

Senator Harris is Correct, that man's actions were pointedly insulting. He was trying to make a sociological divisive statement, the Senator realized that and called him on it. On top of that, speaking in Spanish at an American legal hearing when he knows English is just plain rude. I am glad someone called him on it.

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