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January 04, 2011


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A comment from Lewis on the thought-process behind the bill would be nice.

Jesus Ochoa

the trouble with chavez is that she enabled the rise of republican politicians in el paso. eagle rising? ha.

Concerned Citizen of  Texas

Why not a Juan Seguin Day? Or a José Antonio Navarro Day? Seems like they did more for Texas than Chavez. We don't have a Arturo Giovannitti or Samuel Gompers Day. I don't mean to belittle the work Chavez did but....really?

Big Willie

Everyone knows that "TRUTH TO POWER" is a trademark of Jaime Abeytia, the guy with the El Paso Texas and Arizona PUBLIC CRIMINAL RECORD. The guy that doesn't take care of his kid and at the below website, his still pending warrant for child support is there. (Go to page 3, and scroll to his name).


And then there is:
the theft by check in El Paso,
the theft of computer services in El Paso, (order it from the County Clerks Office),
the 12 causes in Arizona in public record....

So before you start making personal political judgement on the people you don't like and cast stones, maybe you should clean up your own house carnal. You are a pillar of the lowest life thugs living on earth.

We are all tired of your mentiras!

What goes around comes around vato, and you got a lot of people working on your sheet! Rap sheet that is!!

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