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November 19, 2009


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Three times?

Is Margo looking to go three for three on embarrassing losses? I thought, at least according to his son, that Margo was too good for El Paso.


dee is the person they talk about when they mention "a three time loser"

This is scary news

Dee Margo is too self serving and angry to be in public office. He has no people skills and is rude rogant . His reasoning sounds like he's looking for revenge or being vindictive. He needs to stick to insurance sales (which is not a profession people trust anyway). It was bad enough having to hear about Margo's campaign manager being Fernando Parra the child porn wierdo.

Mary Carbajal

I wish Dee the very best. I have worked for Dee an although others may see him as arrogant, he is professional and to the point. Something that a lot of people in El Paso are not accustom to. I have seen his genuine interest for the city and it's progress as a whole. If elected I feel certain that he will do an excellent job.

Don't think so

Dee Margo solicited students' social security numbers and personal contact information in a handout form (by his employees)without asking UTEP's permission or posting such requests via the dean's office. He also gets business sent his way from UTEP. These employees of his were in my class and RUDE. If they are working during class time he needs to conduct his recruiting during approved times.

There is a way conduct business and soliciting personal infor and social security isn't one of them during class time by students who work for him.

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