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January 30, 2008


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Brandi ... you continue to provide the most entertaining blog in town! In El Paso the getting on the ballot is as thrilling as the actual election. We are all lucky to have your writing, as well as such a rich collection of rascals, scoundrels, poseurs, and greater goodnicks!
Rock on!


Maybe property taxes are so high for everybody else because Margo's home is on the tax rolls for less than $400k but he says it's worth nearly $800k.


Brandi, I hope that the misdirected comments of a few people don't encourage you to do this type of reporting. You are investigating the details of the sale of the Margo house? Arguably, we El Pasoan's may not be the smartest kids on the block but you insult our intelligence with this nonsense. You are really pitiful

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