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Brenda Castillo

There are horrible things happening in Juarez. We are right next door and could be in danger as well. I feel like if we can do something to help, we should. I dont think it's the kids fault because they were brought up into that life and someone should help them.

Emiliano Zapata

I think that aslong as the cartels find a way to get drugs and weapons across the border there will be killings in juarez. Since it's near the border were most of the trafficing takes place the cartels fight for the territory to gain more access to the trade.

Aubbie Karina

the only reason that this is going to proceed is if we let them, we always say that the violence in Juarez is something thats escalating and thats the main problem. honeslty instead of talking about it why won't we actually do something about it? This goes beyond humane rights. People are dieing because of this. Yet because we don't have enough
"invidence" to prosecute Fast and Furious. We know who they are, these are peoples lifes at risks.

Denise Barraza

This occurs because of the lack of effort the cops do. They got so used to it that they think its now normal to have people fall dead everyday. It shouldn't be that way, they need to get to do something and not just sit there and do nothing. Juarez is full of armed men but all they do is stand there and look "cool". When their's an emergency their the last ones to get there. If they really cared for our city they would deffend it like their own life. Just for the fact that it's there home land.We can't stress this enough, if they cant do anything not even because their armed and have all the equipment to do it, then less us that all we care is about protecting our family with our hands, not with guns. Most of my family members died over there because of the cruelty of people.

Polly Bustillos

i believe that this is correct towards juarez but there is no one trying to make the situation better so why are they complaining? the same that happend in juarez could of happend here in el paso, dont be that shocked, i remember barely in september this year the shot 2 socorro district members, & like 5 died in a car accident. Dont be so shocked, yes its terrible that they are in involved in cartels, and that war could easily happen here in EP. Instead of being interested in juarez and being surprised that this is happening. You should first be checking on your own community, the mexican government is already fighting to fix their country, why doesnt the american government try and fix our country, more teenagers are involved in drugs, gangs, and drug-dealing here than you think. So instead of acting all surprised look in the mirror of our community.

Jaylene Acosta

In Juarez, I believe that the reason things happen are because as long as people have a way to get drugs, they dont care who gets in the way of their drugs, they die. Not having a reason to kill numerous teenagers is wrong from my piont of view because they did nothing wrong and theyre innocent if their parents had something to do with it then go for them not the children. I think the fact that we know that there are still hundreds of firearms out there should be a sign for us because we know their there, we just dont know where or who has them so when people come over the border and are suspects, they should be checked for firearms and drugs so that we dont bring the danger to the United States. I have had a personal experience of the Juarez killings because one of my family members was killedin the cartels and he had family and friend here that cared for him but killing innocent people shouldnt happen, It should be prevented.

Denise Garcia

In my opinion, they should go further with the investigation to know how the F&F works and makes its operations.Knowing more about the situation and how they contribute to what they do might help stop murders, and the killing of innocents like those of the Salvacar neighborhood, who in my point of view where murdered without any reason. It could be that some teenagers might be involved with cartels,but other people such as innocent victims should not be harmed because of them. Many are put into danger since being in Juarez implies dealing with all the violance, but kids who still have a future should not be put out to such environment where drugs,alcohol, and even firearms are presented.

Jessica Padilla

The Fast and Furious operation might have been linked to the weapons, but not necessarily the teenagers. The drug cartels will hurt anyone for no reason at all. The teenagers that were murdered happened to be caught in the cross fire. The cartel killing and wounding the teenagers could have been a publicity stunt or maybe even a warning. Cartels go after big groups of people to make a statement, and for power. They could have very well had an insider at the party. If the Mexican Embassy didn't have a clue about the operation then how would the cartels know?

Aime De Anda

I find this very amusing since, we don't think about what is happening right across the border from us. People are getting involved everyday with drugs and guns and sometimes, we don't do anything about it. I am glad that they did the investigation Fast and Furious to find the people that are involved with what is happening. The people that are found will be able to recognize that theyr doing something wrong. We dont want to be hurt because of somebody elses' mistake.

Jesus Camacho

I believe that Mexico should keep better control of weapons in the area and should report more news with what is going on during these killing sprees to further explain what is current. I say this because for one, it said that weapons that failed an operation were used in the massacure, how did they achieve this weapons and if they knew why didn't they do something about it before? Second, we are talking about Operation Fast and Furious and the neighborhood massacure that happened in the year 2010, 2 years ago, why wasn't this more talked about two years ago? The cartels have gotten out of control with these killings from going to adults fighting against them to teenagers just having a party.

valeria monreal

In my opinion i would say that the mexican federal attourney should try to do there best and get all the 150 fast and furious weapons away. so that peopple in jauarez can be more secure.and i think that its not fair that those kidds celebrating had something to do with the failed operation of the bureau of alcohol,tabacco.there just taking otheres inocent peopple lefes for the mistakes they have made.

Marina Guerrero

The Mexican Embassy needs to inform itself alot more in order to prevent massacres like these from happening. Its putting a lot of people in danger and making it unsafe for the people who live in the area. They need to inform teenagers as well as parents about the dangers of being involved in drugs and their consequences. There needs to be more security going around to make sure that stuff like this doesnt happen anymore.

David Quinones

This letter contains news on a open fire shooting during a birthday party that cccured in Juarez. Many suffered from death or were just about as swounded. Operation Fast and Furious was due to investigating allegations and might be connected to some kind of weaponry. There has been an investigation that people in Mexico were victims of weapons tied to the ATF's operation. There was no answer or evidence on to why the grouped men had done this massacre. These people want to be known as the big guys that control everything around there.

Vivian Vargas

This story has to do with a shooting at a teenage birthday party in the neighborhood of Salvarcar in 2010. Dozens of kids died in this shooting and dozens were injured. In my thinking, these armed men who showed up and started the shooting probably have something to do with the Operation Fast and Furious. 150 people in Mexico were victims of this Fast and Furious but details for most of those people were not provide. I believe that this incident in the Salvarcar neighboorhood is enough detail to provide U.S. lawmakers with what they need.

Jessie Horta

This stuff keeps happening because they keep on buying weapons from the U.S or other countries. Mexico hasn't really dealt with their own problems they rely on the U.S too much. Maybe if Mexico started doing stuff about it they wouldn't have so much killings.

Alexa Enriquez

I believe that the reason why these problems started was because the officials fail to do the proper operations to stop it in the beggining. In my opinion this problem will never stop because once its started their is no stopping. It is like a virus, once it spreads you can't control it. Many people have been killed in Juarez and it will continue because Cartel members have learned how to hide weapons from officials and learned a way of dealing drugs across the border.

jose bojorquez

i think the operation fast and furious is not directly for teens,juarez cartel will do what ever thats dumm...........................

Olga Cervantes

The drug wars are not going to stop if the diffrent cartels are passing threw are borders all the time. if they have the opportunity to cross over here the drug war are never going to stop. We people from el paso, tx the sister city are actuallymkind of affected because were closer. But they dont dare to come here and destroy because the government will trap therm and punish them. They would have to deal with are government. If you are involved in that you will end up dead. The "mafia" "cartel" or the diffrent types of those cant have the life of othes. they live with panic, sadness, cruelity. its sad, really sad.

Karen Flores:)

I strongly believe that involving teenagers into this is a very severe aspect but what do you do when these teenagers needs overcome them caring the less if it does involve drugs over the boarder.Think about the way some of these teenagers see this aspect as for they do it for money and hoping for a better life which in the other hand is still severe but it's the urge of them having food and clothing to live,thinking about tomorrow and not as a today.

Aurora Magdaleno

With so many horrible things going on in Juarez, this just adds to it. We as the sister city of Juarez, are in much danger as the ones next door. Its a lack of are effort that this is occuring. We need to put a stop to this and lower the number of kids involved in such drug cartels. Doing this by beoming more strict and protective, and by being more aware of whats going on. It's such a horrible thing to see that it got to this extent.

Tyra Lujan

I think that it is a good thing that noe the authorites are getting involved in the war and Fast and Furios. I think that maybe it could at least help a little in assiting others in the attack of these wars

Kear Eagle

I'm really sad upon hearing this news. Those children are innocent. They should not be in that situation. Poor babies. I hope they all rest in peace. My condolences to all the victims.

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