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how about track one's double dipped wings? i have nothing against chicos but there is really nothing special about a fried tortilla with ground beef and (cheap) processed cheese in tomato/jalapeno broth. i understand our city has embraced them and for those that leave town there is a sense of nostalgia that comes along with chico's but there is plenty more in this town to be proud of.

a couple other worthy mentions: smoky's/smitty's bbq, rosco's or lucy's burger, bonny's or rafa's burritos.


Taco Tote has authentic Mexican food.


Yeah I agree with Track one Double dipped wings, although they were a lot better(bigger) back in '03.

How about Green Enchilada's from L&J Cafe?

Mike A.

I am not a big fan of Chicos "tacos" (flautas ahogadas). I do eat the tacos occassionaly, but crave their hot dogs and burritos and not their flautas. Being a foodie, I respect Chicos for their pop culture value. For better or worse, Chicos being featured on an Internationally syndicated Food Network show truly is a big deal and speaks up loudly for El paso gastronomy. Lets not forget that El Paso was once known as the "Mexican Food Capital of the World".


Not only were the double dip better in 03 but so was their service. I'll never go back to T1.

That said what about Kiki's? I would go House of Pizza but I'm sure they wanted something mexican to play up the border. I'd also agree with Rafa's, or maybe even some gorditas from L&J.

johnny m

kikis' green enchiladas.. or cheso fries


I'm sorry but Frisco Burger totally blows Rosco's out of the water. I don't think Frisco has gotten the credit that they deserve.

L Sambrano

How about all mMexican food in El Paso, Texas they have good Mexican food. Compare to Denver Colorado, we moved a couple of years ago to Colorado but we still can't find a real good Mexican place to eat, so when I go back to El Paso I tried to stop at least to one Mexican place to eat real mexican food.


The key to finding good mexican food while abroad is to find holes in the wall where local mexicans go to eat.

If you go to places that cater to the american crowd (fajitas and margaritas), you will never find good mexican food.

I know of 3 places here in my area (michigan). 2 places dont serve alcohol, and are cash only.


I'm sorry but Frisco Burger totally blows Rosco's out of the water. In my opinion Frisco has not gotten the credit that they deserve.

@Johnny: Really? Kiki's? Come one? Really? Dude, really? What? Kiki's? Please.

@Carlos: L&J's? Really? Come on? Really? Dude, really? What!? L&J's? Please.

@Mike A: El Paso is still the Mexican Food Capital. Just drive down Alameda and eat at any of mom & pop Mexican resturants which, by the way, have way better food than Kiki's preheated (c)rap and L&J's joke of a Mexican plate.

eddie gonzalez- Southern California

L&J is Great, but KiKi's green echiladas are da Bomb!!!
Chico's is on Top of my list.
Like people say, "u don't know how much u miss it until u don't have it." Well i've been in Southern California since 2000 and i miss Chico's Tacos and El Paso's Mexican Food! When i visit El Paso, since there's nothing else to do, i go Grubb!!!



Honestly the Pumpkin and Pineapple empanadas from Gussies are the best things that I have ever eaten with my hands.


@ mauri, quick to critique, yet no "real" opinion. Id rather eat at L&J, or Malinche then say the Lucky cafe or any of the hamburger hut/inn/____ on alameda.


Chico's tacos is the worst mexican restaurant ever! Disgusting going down, disgusting to look at! Who in their right mind likes to eat there? My theory is, they must have not had any kind of real food. Yuck, yuck, yuck!


I agree about Frisco's. Best place for a burger. Their rolled tacos are great also. Like the atmosphere too.


@jaime: ok so you want a real opinion. L&J Gorditas filled with vegtables to hide that fact that there meat is not seasoned properly. They get soggy right away and lack susbstance. Kiki's, that ain't even mexican food. It's like lets make food that resembles mexican food to please the white mans pallete. Their beans taste like they buy huge bags of that dried beans and add water. Their salsa's have no punch or flavor and are watered down. Their rice is not even close to what SOPA DE ARROZ should taste like. And their enchiladas are kinda bland. Anything else?


blaggghhh, chico's tacos food is so awful! I would have to say the Diana's pizza (white sauce, tomatoes, spinach, garlic and feta cheese) at Ardovino's pizza is the best thing I ever at with my hands in El Paso.


moved to El Paso 2 years ago, and i'm addicted to Mexican food. I tried Chico's once. I didn't see what was so special about it. Wasn't very good. The way a native of El Paso explained it is that it's cheap food for a teen. And you grow up hanging out there so you like the food.

It's kinda like Chef Boyardi. It's spaghetti, it's cheap, kids love it. But I'd rather have the real thing.

Cici's is like that too. They have very bland pizza, but kids love it and it's cheap to take the family there. When I'm craving pizza, Cici's is last on my list. Unless i'm pinching pennies.

There's so much better than Chico's in El Paso.

Leo Fernandez

It's been a very long time since I lived in EP but the memory of Chico's is still very clear. I think most of the opinions expressed in these responses concern more complex combinations of food. Youngsters, probably, who don't appreciate the beauty in simplicity. The Food Channel does seem to know what it is talking about.


I have to agree with the Ardovino's pizza, both Diana's and the "typical" pepperoni. Chico's tastes like rolled ground beef in tomato sauce. I don't get it. Simple it may be, but dirt is simple too and I don't care for that taste either.


I would have to say that Rafa's should not be included as one of El Paso's best. The last time i went there, I took my mother and both ordered a burrito of Chile Verde con papas. It was disgusting! The meat was not beef but some pinkish, wiggly, intestinal looking something. I took it back to the cook and asked him if this was what i ordered. He stated that yes my burritos were Chile Verde con papas, then turned his back and blew me off. I as well as my mother were equally disgusted with their quality of food. Never, ever again shall i go there or recommend it to anyone. Instead, i would go to Bonny's where the food is actually good and is what is shown on the menu.


I was shocked when I saw Chico's Tacos. It's just not that good...

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